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 8dB Sound Limited is an Independent Audio Post Production Facility in Somerset. We have a 7.1.2 Surround Studio with 95 inch HD Projection, Fibre Internet Connection and Remote Attend Facilities. We use Pro Tools Ultimate with BlackMagic & AJA Video Harware. We also have Adobe Premiere Pro, Studio One 4 Pro, and Audition. What people say “Alan works quickly and creatively whilst maintaining an even temper, acknowledging notes and offering creative solutions. He is under constant pressure to work quickly but it does not affect his demeanor and temperament” Pia Di Ciaula, Editor, Tess of D’Urbervilles "Just wanted to thank you for all your time and devotion to the cause over the last month or so. It was often beyond the call of duty and it made a huge difference to us being in your capable hands" James Dean, Producer, The Midnight Beast "The sound was better, funnier and easier this year. Big Thanks" Sam Liefer, Director, Plebs "I worked with Alan on many high profile film and television projects over the years. Both of us trying to fulfill the wishes of ever demanding clients! It's great to work with Alan, he is the consummate professional always enjoying creating some of our best work with him" Adam Eddy, Online Editor Alan Sallabank AMPS MIPS Rerecording / Dubbing Mixer, Sound Editor, ADR / Foley Recordist, Consultant A highly experienced and versatile sound engineer with nearly three decades industry experience and a proven track record in trailers, documentaries, drama and feature productions. Highly detail oriented, Alan is familiar with all the latest industry innovations and works to exacting technical standards. Alan has a proven track record in delivering high quality results on time and on budget, works well under pressure and is known for acknowledging notes, applying innovation and creativity at all levels. Alan has been Bafta, MPSE Golden Reel, Gemini and Resolution Award nominated, plus Cinema Audio Society and MPSE Golden Reel Award Winning. facilities in and around London he has worked for include Deluxe 142, De Lane Lea, Oasis, Videosonics, PPC, Empire, Post Factory, Mayflower, dB Post, Basilica, Pinewood, Shepperyon, Synxspeed, Videolondon and BBC Bristol. Alan has had the pleasure of working with many industry legends, both creative and technical. He has designed workflows, built dubbing theatres and foley facilities, and liaised with manufacturers and productions. He is a member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound, the Institute of Professional Sound, and BECTU. Alan also shares his knowledge and experience as a Team Member of the Production Expert Blogs. Outside work, he thrives on outdoor activities which provide a balance to his every day work. He is a keen cyclist, and has previously completed the London to Paris ride of 400 miles in 4 days.

8dB Sound Limited

Yatton. North Somerset

Tel: 07870 599185

: Alan@8dB.co.uk

Skype: alan8dBSound