Welcome to 8dB Sound Introducing our Brand New Adr & Voice-Over Facility
8dB Sound is proud to announce the opening of our New ADR & Voice-Over Recording Facility. Using Pro Tools 12HD and the brilliant Video Slave Pro cueing software, we can help ensure you achieve Top Quality ADR and Voice-Over, but stay within budget and schedule.
We use Video Slave Pro to provide full screen ADR and voice over cueing. Using Wipes, Beeps or Flashes to cue the artist, we can also superimpose the script on screen and give a progress bar style display of how long the line is. The artist can also be cued manually. 8dB Sound is proud to have worked with NLA, the developers of Video Slave Pro, to further fine tune this excellent software.
We can also provide "remote attend" sessions via Skype, Source Connect or Google+, and have green room facilities at our Shoreditch location. If your ADR is in need of fitting before going to the dub stage, we can deliver Fitted ADR, using Synchro-Arts ReVoice Pro, and over 25 years experience. Also ask us about ReVersioning Services!
8dB Sound Limited Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London. E2.
Tel: 07870 599185 : Alan@8dB.co.uk Skype: alan8dBSound