Welcome to 8dB Sound

Full audio post production services, tailored to your production

8dB Sound can offer a full range of sound post production services.

tailored to your production.


Whether you simply need an operator or would like us to take on your

Full Audio Post needs in our 7.1.2 studio in North Somerset,

we can deliver value for money as well as excellence.








No matter if your production is a corporate, trailer, documentary,

entertainment, drama or even a feature film,

we can help YOU at any level, even from a planning stage.


We are intensely aware that budgets continue to get tighter,

so can offer you a way to keep within budget but not

scrimp on quality, creative or technical.


Give Alan a call on 07870 599185, or drop an email to Alan@8dB.co.uk


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Yatton. North Somerset

Tel: 07870 599185

: Alan@8dB.co.uk

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