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With more than three decades experience in all genres, 8dB Sound can bring your production alive with the power of audio.

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8dB Sound can offer a full range of sound post production services tailored to your production.

Whether you simply need an operator or would like us to take on your full Audio Post needs in our 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos studio in North Somerset, we can deliver value for money as well as excellence.

No matter if your production is a corporate, trailer, documentary, entertainment, drama or even a feature film, we can help YOU at any level, even from a planning stage.

We are intensely aware that budgets continue to get tighter, so can offer you a way to keep within budget but not scrimp on quality, creative or technical.

Give Alan a call on 07870 599185, or drop an email to alan@8dB.co.uk

New Dolby Atmos Studio with ADR now open in Central Bristol
New ADR Stage Central Bristol

Covid-19 and Remote Working

Since its creation in 2013, 8dB Sound has specialised in pioneering remote workflows, so in these exceptional times has been able to put these into practice.

No two scenarios are the same, so we offer a flexible adaptable approach, whether it’s getting a fully functioning Remote Pro Tools recording rig to your talent’s home, or arranging multiple remote attendees with individual talkback direct to the talent.

We believe that recording artists at home need be no different for anyone involved, than it would be recording in a “traditional” set up.

Indeed, we believe that in these uncertain times, eliminating the worry of the situation and making the whole experience completely seamless can get even better results.

We can ensure that your production is completed with the minimum of fuss, while maintaining the highest possible safety standards to keep your production and your talent safe.

We are delighted to announce that 8dB Sound has been approved by the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, for Covid-19 Safe operating procedures for Voice Recording, at our premises. This means that if for any reason we cannot service your artist(s) with a home recording solution, that our Covid-19 safety precautions and working practices have been approved by the world’s biggest Actor’s union, which represents approximately 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, puppeteers, recording artists, singers, stunt performers, voiceover artists and other media professionals, across the world.

Not fond of Remote Workflow? We now have Covid Safe ADR facilities in Central Bristol, with full Source Connect and Video Conferencing, with separate control room.

Contact us to find out more about our bespoke remote workflow services and Covid-19 Safe working practices.

A selection of Credits

In the Footsteps of Elephant re-recording mixer

India’s Wild Leopards dubbing mixer

The Athena (26 episodes) – re-recording mixer

London Heistre-recording mixer / supervising sound editor

Mo Farah: No Easy Mile dialogue editor / re-recording mixer

Pylonre-recording mixer

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story (Documentary) – dubbing mixer

The Most Dangerous Band in the World (Documentary) – dubbing mixer

Finding Dory – Sound re-recording mixer – Indonesian, Slovak, Flemish

Plebs (16 episodes TV Series) – supervising sound editor

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The Jungle BookSound re-recording mixer (Hebrew)

Siblings (12 episodes, TV Series) – supervising sound editor

The Albatross (Short) – dubbing mixer (completed)

The Midnight Beast (6 episodes, TV Series) supervising sound editor

Doc Martin (32 episodes, TV series, Seasons 4 – 6 & 8) – Dubbing mixer

The InternshipSound re-recording mixer, Hungarian

EpicSound re-recording mixer, Estonian, Lithuanian

Mayday (5 episodes, TV series) – Sound re-recording mixer

Spy (11 episodes, TV series) Season 2 – Sound re-recording mixer

Walk On the Wild Side (TV series) Dubbing mixer

The Best Possible Taste (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Quadrophenia Sound re-recording mixer: 2012 5.1 remix

Room at the Top (2 episodes, TV series) Dubbing mixer

Line of Duty (5 episodes, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Kidnap and Ransom (3 episodes, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Shut Up and Play the Hits (documentary) Sound re-recording mixer

LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Gardens – Sound re-recording mixer

Just Henry (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Combat Hospital (6 episodes, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Welcome to Romford (documentary short) Sound editor / sound re-recording mixer

Joe Maddison’s War (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Neil Diamond: Solitary Man (documentary) Dubbing mixer

Madman Across The Water – The Making of Elton John (documentary) Dubbing mixer

Robert Plant – By Myself (documentary) Dubbing mixer

The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Five Days (5 episodes, TV series) Season 2 – Sound re–recording mixer

Exit Through the Gift Shop (documentary) Sound re-recording mixer

Garrow’s Law (4 episodes, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Blood and Oil (TV movie released 2010) Sound re-recording mixer

Crooked House (TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Tess of the D’Urbervilles (4 episodes, TV mini-series) Dubbing mixer

The Things I Haven’t Told You (TV movie released 2008) Sound re-recording mixer

Secret Diary of a Call Girl (8 episodes, series 8) Dubbing mixer

Cape Wrath (2 episodes, TV series) Dubbing mixer

Holby Blue (1 episode, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Big Kiss Sound re-recording mixer

The Moon and the Stars Sound re-recording mixer

How Clean is Your House? (TV documentary series, season 5, 12 episodes) Dubbing mixer

Unearthed (4 episodes, TV documentary series) Dubbing mixer

My Favourite Garden (TV documentary series) Dubbing mixer

My Shocking Story (5 epsiodes, TV science documentary) Dubbing mixer

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God ADR mixer

The Fine Art of Love: Mine Ha-Ha Sound re-recording mixer: UK

Green Street Sound re-recording mixer: UK

Labyrinth Sound re-recording mixer: UK

A Bear Named Winnie (TV movie) Sound editor

Stella Street – The Movie Sound re-recording mixer

Monarch of the Glen (TV Programme) Dubbing mixer

Teachers (TV series 18 episodes) Sound re-recording mixer

The Intended Sound re-recording mixer

Revengers Tragedy Sound re-recording mixer

Al’s Lads Sound re-recording mixer

Born and Bred (TV series) dubbing mixer

As If (TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Shackleton (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Playing the Field (13 episodes, TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells (TV mini-series) Sound re-recording mixer

Men Only (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Love or Money (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Lorna Doone (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Nasty Neighbours Sound re-recording mixer

Without Motive (TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Dirty Tricks (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Greenfingers ADR mixer

New Year’s Day Sound re-recording mixer

Jason and the Argonauts (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

The Fragile Skin (short) Dubbing mixer

Storm Damage (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Rancid Aluminium Sound re-recording mixer

Longitude (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Hold Back the Night Sound re-recording mixer

Kid in the Corner (TV series) Sound re-recording mixer

Lighthouse Sound re-recording mixer

In the Name of Love (TV movie) ADR mixer, sound re-recording mixer: complete version

Dockers (TV movie) Sound re-recording mixer

Rogue Trader Dubbing mixer

Beautiful People ADR mixer

This Year’s Love Foley mixer, music editor

Jack and the Beanstalk (video) Music editor

Guest House Paradiso Music editor

Falling for a Dancer (TV movie) ADR mixer, sound re-recording mixer

Out of Hours (TV mini-series) Dubbing mixer

My Name Is Joe Sound assistant

Tale of the Mummy ADR mixer

Moby Dick (TV mini-series) Sound re-recording mixer – uncredited

Neville’s Island (TV movie) Dubbing mixer

Photographing Fairies Assistant dubbing mixer

Tomorrow Never Dies ADR Mixer

Amy Foster ADR mixer

The Wings of the Dove ADR mixer

The Winter Guest ADR mixer

Love and Death on Long Island Assistant dubbing mixer

The Ugly Duckling Music editor

Original Sin (TV series) Dubbing editor – 1 episode

Bimble’s Bucket (TV series) Dubbing editor – 1996, Dubbing mixer – 1997

Bob’s Weekend Sound re-recording mixer

Bodyguards (TV series) Digital sound editor

The Snow Queen’s Revenge Dubbing editor

I.D. Foley mixer

Land and Freedom Foley mixer

The Snow Queen Dubbing editor

Spender (TV Series) Assistant Mixer

The Dream Stone (TV series) Sound editor

Shadowchaser (video) Sound editor

<strong>Alan Sallabank</strong> <em>AMPS MIPS</em><br><em>Dubbing Mixer, Sound Editor, </em> <em>ADR / Foley Recordist, Consultan</em>t.
Alan Sallabank AMPS MIPS
Dubbing Mixer, Sound Editor, ADR / Foley Recordist, Consultant.

A highly experienced and versatile sound engineer with over three decades industry experience and a proven track record in trailers, documentaries, drama and feature productions.

Highly detail orientated, Alan is familiar with all the latest industry innovations and works to exacting technical standards. 

Alan has a deserved reputation for delivering high quality results on time and in budget, works well under pressure and is known for acknowledging notes, applying innovation and creativity at all levels.

Facilities he has worked for include Encore Post, De Lane Lea, Oasis, VideoSonics, Intermission Film, Picture Production Company, Empire Design, Post Factory, Pinewood Shepperton, Synxspeed, Deluxe, VideoLondon, BBC Bristol, Wounded Buffalo & The Farm.

Alan has had the pleasure of working with many industry legends, creative and technical. He has designed workflows, built dubbing theatres & foley facilities, written educational content and liaised with manufacturers and productions to bring cutting edge techniques to the fore.

BAFTA Best Sound – Factual Nomination!

8dB Sound is delighted to announce that Alan Sallabank has received a BAFTA 2022 nomination as part of the sound team for Apple TV’s glorious Natural History series, “Earth At Night In Colour”. Alan worked tirelessly to provide Covid Safe remote workflow, during the height of lockdown, reducing the thousands of miles between Creative and…

Big News Coming!

We’ve got some big news coming – watch this space! #NewStudio #NewADRFacility


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“Alan works quickly and creatively whilst maintaining an even temper, acknowledging notes and offering creative solutions. He is under constant pressure to work quickly but it does not affect his demeanor and temperament”.

Pia Di Ciaula, Editor.

“The sound was brilliant this year, easier, and funnier. Hope to work with you again soon”.

Sam Liefer, Director.

“When you add Alan to the mix (literally!) the result is a film that you know sounds the best it possibly

Howard Ella, Producer.

“Just wanted to thank you for all your time and devotion to the cause over the last month or so. It was
often beyond the call of duty and it made a huge difference to us being in your capable hands”.

James Dean, Producer.

“I worked with Alan on numerous high profile film and television projects over the years. Both of us trying to fulfil the wishes of ever demanding clients! It’s great to work with Alan, he is the consummate professional and I always enjoyed creating some of our best work with him”.

Adam Eddy, Online Editor

Awards & Nominations

BAFTA Sound (fiction) Nomination – “Longitude”

CAS Mixing Award – “Shackleton”

Golden Reel Nomination – “Exit Through The Gift Shop”

MPSE Golden Reel Award, Best ADR – “Tomorrow Never Dies”

8dB Sound Limited and Alan Sallabank are represented by Big Sound PR.

Please address all media/press inquiries to debs@bigsoundpr.co.uk