New Covid-19 Safe Screen Actors Guild Approved ADR and Voice Over Facilities in the Bristol Area

8dB Sound is proud to announce the opening of two Covid-19 Safe Screen Actors Guild Approved ADR and Voice-Over recording facilities in the South-West of England, Bristol area.

During the UK lockdown we noticed that there is a concentration of International acting talent that lives in the area, but precious few Screen Actors Guild Approved facilities available for them to safely record at. So we put together two facilities in the area.


Our largest facility, in Central Bristol, has three recording areas – one 350 square foot “dead” room, a much larger adjustable acoustics “live” area, and a large Voice Over booth. This facility has fresh air conditioning and an entirely separate 500 square foot Control Room. The “dead” room can accommodate up to three artists and the “live” area, eight artists, fully following Covid-19 Safe working practices. The control room can safely host two clients as well as the mix engineer. Artists have their own segregated toilet and refreshment facilities, with separate facilities for staff and clients.

When a booking is made, the entire building is sanitised using British Standards approved materials and the entire building exclusively booked out with a four-hour buffer either side of the session. Staff, Artists and Clients are required to wear masks at all times when not alone in their working area and to sanitise their hands after touching any communal touch points.

We recently completed our first SAG-AFTRA approved Covid-19 Safe recording session with the amazing Sean Bean.

North Somerset

Our second facility, in a picturesque seaside town in North Somerset, five minutes from the M5, is an individual “walk-in” facility, where the artist can simply walk in from their designated off-street parking place, straight into a sanitised Covid-19 safe recording area and conduct their session without ever meeting another person. It has a separate control room and toilet facilities.

Remote Workflows

Both facilities are equipped with the latest Source Elements remote workflow software, plus can also hook up to any video conferencing software – Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc. Both facilities can also be remote controlled via TeamViewer Business if you wish to “drive” the session yourself.


We use Pro Tools Ultimate for recording and ADR Master for cueing, with AJA hardware delivering rock-solid Full-HD pictures to the artist and engineer.

We have Sennheiser MKH50 and Schoeps CMIT5 “location” microphones, Neumann, AKG and Rode “voice-over” microphones, and DPA, Sanken and Tram lapel microphones. Other microphones can be brought in by request.

Location Location Location

We respect client data security and confidentiality, so do not reveal the exact locations of our facilities until a client makes an inquiry. Both buildings are away from thoroughfares and anonymous, so Artist and Client confidentiality is assured. All recordings are double backed up live to two sites. Both facilities are in easy reach of main transport routes, have off-street parking and are ideal for artists located in South Wales, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and even further. London is only two hour’s drive.

Contact Us

If you require a Covid-19 safe recording facility, which meets the stringent requirements of one of the world’s biggest international Actors’ unions, email us now or give Alan a call on (+44) 07870 599185.

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome To The Brand New 8dB Sound Website!

We’ve a whole bunch of things to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! We’ve been hard at work the last few months, busily adapting and improving, to help your productions thrive during this unprecedented time.

In this website, there will be blog posts, technique, tutorials, credit updates, you name it.

Hope to see you soon!